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 Why the City wants the property:
01 - The Transportation Department states there is a safety concern for trail users crossing the intersection. The road leading to the property crosses the paved Mill Creek trail that runs the length of the ravine from approximately 70 Avenue to the base of Connor's Hill.

02 - To incorporate the property into the City's Ribbon of Green.

Arguments against their position:
01.1 - The City has presented no evidence, facts or data to support their claim that this is a dangerous intersection. The Transportation Department could not even answer the question "How much traffic crosses the trail at this intersection?" when asked by the Committee.
01.2 - There has never been an accident at this intersection.
01.3 - There is clear signage for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
01.4 - The signage at this intersection is similar to the signage at the intersection where the Mill Creek trail crosses 76 Avenue, a road used by exponentially more vehicle traffic.
01.5 - The road used to access Mill Creek Ravine Swimming Pool crosses the same trail and has similar signage, again a road that has more vehicular traffic than the intersection in question.
01.6 - The road used to access the two homes at 87 Avenue crosses the Mill Creek Ravine trail.
01.7 - Although this has been called an intersection, the facts are that hundreds, if not thousands, of driveways to private homes in Edmonton cross sidewalks. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of back alleys cross sidewalks both in residential and busy city centre areas. Virtually none of these intersections of walking and vehicular traffic are signed. The safety concern is clearly specious.
01.8 - The few remaining residences in the Mill Creek ravine increase the level of safety in the ravine. Click here to read Butch Nutter's article on the subject.

02.1 - The City's policy on incorporating homes and land into the Ribbon of Green has been inconsistently implemented.
- The City acquired land on the North side of 98 Avenue to incorporate it into the Ribbon of Green and then sold it to a developer to build condos. Click here to read Edmonton Journal article
- There have been exceptions made for John Poole, former owner of PCL; Don Wheaton of Wheaton Chevrolet Oldsmobile on Whyte Ave.; and Sandy Mactaggart of Maclab Construction Company Ltd.; all of whom own large estate properties within the Ribbon of Green.
02.2 - There are currently hundreds, if not thousands, of residences in the Ribbon of Green and the City is not planning on expropriating them. These areas includes in Mill Creek Ravine, Riverdale, Cloverdale, Rossdale, Lavigne (Skunk Hollow), and Riverbend.
02.3 - The other 2 homes present in Mill Creek Ravine are not in threat of expropriation by the City. In fact, one of the homes was on the market for two years and the City did not purchase it.
02.4 - Edmonton has more green space per capita than any City in North America.  Given all the urgent needs in the City at this time, is it really the best use of taxpayers dollars and the City Administration and Council's time and effort to be expropriating this house? Wouldn't the money be better spent on social services or infrastructure? And wouldn't it be more fair to buy houses currently for sale in the "Ribbon of Green" than expropriating this one?

More Information
The City gave Mr. Wild no notification there was to be a committee meeting on the expropriation of his property and they are fast tracked this matter through to City Council. The first meeting by the Transportation and Public Works Committee was on January 27, 2004 with the final Edmonton City Council meeting just one week later on February 3, 2004. Mr. Wild requested to appear before City Council at this meeting and was denied access. In fact, the entire meeting on this matter was closed to the public.

Click here to learn how you can stop the City from demolishing one of the most unique properties in the City.


     For more information contact Michael at 780.431.1020

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