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Michael Wild.com Adventuer Guide is a travel guide on adrenalin. Designed to give you specific information on trips troughout the world including the canadian rockies, grand canyon, australia, moab and much more.

I am in the process of sorting through the thousands of photos and documents I have collected in my travels and will have the site launched as soon as time will allow. My business, Plan Be Creative.com is busier than ever and it has been a challenge to find time to devote to this site. I will be adding new photo galleries as events happen, so please check back regularily for new images.

Photo Gallery

  • Fraser McIntyre's Birthday September 2 - 4, 2006
    Fraser turned 30 and the gang showed up to celebrate in an amzing weekend organized by Cindy Grand at the Shunda Creek Hostel near Nordegg, Alberta.
  • GlienerPalooza August 5 - 7, 2006
    Jason Gliener is getting married and it is time to celebrate. Thanks go out to Andrew Hamilton, Matt Singer and Ian Buckly for organizing the event for Jason, Sean Hommersen, Andrew Maxwell, Grant Marsden, Fraser McIntyre, Mark Twyver and Michael Wild.
  • Grant's St. Paddy's Day Party 2006
    - Mr. Grant Marsden host the St. Paddy's Day party of all St. Paddy's Days... oh ya and it is his birthday too.
  • Las Vegas - February 19 - 26, 2006
    - Ian, Krista, Grant, Kim, Sarah, Pernille and I head to Vegas
  • Vancouver - March 5 - 28, 2005
    - Plan Be is setting up an office in Vancouver, this was my first trip of several over the summer.
  • Whistler - February 26 - March 4, 2005
    - I met up with a long time friend Jessica Ma, husband Peter Peltier, son Jasper and a crew of her friends from North America and Europe.
  • New Years Eve, 2004
    - Fraser McIntyre graciously hosted over 20 people for a dinner party and New Years Eve celebration.
  • U2 Vancouver, 2001
    - My favourite band performing in Vancouver on the Elevation tour.
  • Grand Canyon, 2000
    - a 6 day back country camping trip with Andrew Maxwell and Martin van Essen. If you haven't been to the Grand Canyon you have to go, the photos do not do it justice.
  • Moab, 1999
    - mountain biking and hiking in Moab, Utah. The scenery and trails are amazing.


Apple vs Microsoft aka Macp vs PC

Apple vs Microsoft aka Mac vs PC

As Microsoft launchs their new ad campaign featuring Jerry Sainfeld (view below), which could quite possibly be the worst ad ever, Apple launchs a ground breaking New York Times.com Ad which is one of the most creative and effective ad I have seen on the internet.

What is Microsoft thinking? This ad is about nothing, which may have been the point. It will do nothing to bolster the public's poor perception of Microsoft Vista. Microdoft share holders can only hope the campaign improves with subsequent commercials

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Microsoft's Jerry Sienfeld Ad:

Michael Wild


Apple iPhone

Roger's and the iPhone

So it turns out you do not have to purchase an iPhone plan in order to buy and use an iPhone with Rogers.


Protect Your iPhone with invisibleSHIELD

If you are looking for a good case for you iPhone, I would highly recommend ZAGG's invisibleSHIELD. I have tried a bunch of different cases and love the way the InvisibleSHIELD retains the sleek size of the iPhone without adding bulk. Click on the link below for more information and to purchase.

Invisible Shield - iPhone case


Unlock Your iPhone

If you are one of the many people who want to unlocked your iPhone the new Pwnage Tool is the best jailbreaking and unlocking utility out there. It will unlock your iPhone in about 4 minutes and works on both the Mac and Windows platforms. Visit ModMyiFone.com for detailed instructions and links to free unlocking software.

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